NAMARA represents is not just another creative agency.

We focus on the representation of exceptional Canadian photojournalists and documentary photographers working in a commercial capacity with both still and moving pictures.

Our photographers create awe-inspiring visual content that eloquently and simply communicates your brand’s core message.

They have earned their distinction in the fields of reportage and documentary, seeking out untold stories and immersing themselves into their work.

Each photographer has his or her own impressive collection of tear-sheets, emblazoned with the mastheads of the worlds most prestigious publications. They know how to make images that resonate and compel and exercise this unique skill in the composition of your story.

We help organizations tell their stories in the only universal language: Images.

Organizations and audiences are more closely connected than ever before and marketing tactics have changed as a result. Storytelling is the best way to build relationships with audiences and make them care about your brand.

We hope to leave the world a little better than we found it and love that some of our clients share that ambition. Our work can energize people toward change. We harness this same buoyancy in the representation of your organization’s core message.

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